Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to all! The arrival of Christmas indirectly also implies New Year is around the corner... Hmm... Time for me to set new resolutions for the coming year. But I doubt it will not vary much...

Shopping spree is on top of my list for the time being. Been out shopping with my family recently. Bought a lot of things, which I have been longing for. But at times, I really hate myself for buying so much. Money spent impulsively on the spur of that moment and it sets a smile on my face for a while and faded to a feeling of regret. Why?? I don't really understand myself... Haiz...

Mummy went to ask iPod Video for me, its $10 cheaper than Apple. Haha... I was sooooo close to owning my own iPod, but in the end, I decided not to get it.
-shrugs- I really cannot make up my mind.

Had my Final Driving Theory Test on Wednesday. Yes... I finally pluck up courage to go for that test. I passed! Did not study so was quite worried. Was praying real hard before I press the button "End Test". I was closing my eyes and part of me was thinking I would see a "Fail" on the screen, whereas another half was really anticipating a "Pass". Yeah! The latter appeared. Heaved a sigh of relief.

Went to Nokia shop and saw this phone- Nokia 7370 L'Amour. Wow... It really caught my attention. The colour is unique. Quite like it. Suddenly prefer this phone to Nokia 6111. But the price is of course nice too- $578. Hmm... How long will I take to save till this amount???

Common tests are less than 2 weeks away and I haven start revising... Where has my sense of urgency??? Please come back... I need you at this critical moment. Motivation and determination too...

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+ Nokia 7370 +

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
+ Nokia 6111 +

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Went to convention centre this afternoon to take some brochures regarding Accountacy course in NTU. Managed to clear my doubts on some questions too. The lady was quite nice to entertain all the questions that I enquire.

Was really shocked when I ask her the minimum grades to enter this course. Her answer was average A's... Gosh... I am already more than halfway through and now I realised I am lagging behind. Asked her what if average B's and her reply was "I don't think so."

Told daddy and mummy about it. They encourage me to just try my best. Suddenly overwhelmed with regret and sadness. Regret because I think I did not put in enough effort back in JC. Sad because my parents are working like nobody's business just to give us a better life and I am like wasting and slacking my time away. Now, it make me think twice whether to get the iPod Video which I have been eyeing at sometime ago. Though I've received a reasonable sum of money which I can use to buy it, but I've been questioning myself whether is it a must to get? I really don't know. Haiz... I hate myself for being so fickle-minded.

Was having Audit lecture when mummy messaged me and say daddy sprained his ankle. Don't know why, but suddenly feel like crying. Really hope daddy's ankle will recover as soon as possible. It really pain my heart to see him limping and yet have to work. Felt so useless. Must really try to get my license so that in time like this, I can at least drive him around. Please bless me~ Really don't wish to disappoint myself again and most importantly, my parents. Love them...

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This semester is really hectic. Plus school implemented a new rule that once you are more than 10mins late for tutorials or lectures, you will be marked absent. For someone like me, who is always late without fail, is really quite tough to be in school on time. Hopefully, I will not be marked absent throughout this semester. Trying really hard to kick off this bad habit.

I am really worn out... Projects are really tiring me out. Deadlines are suddenly something I dread to hear. For no particular reason, shopping has suddenly become a chore to me. Might be because there is nothing I would like to buy this moment. -Shrugs-

I am mentally exhausted. My mind and brain cells are not cooperating. Sometimes, I can just fall asleep while watching television. Wonder how am I going to survive this semester. Everything is so tough. Sometimes, I was pondering whether being in the line of accounting is really what I want to be doing for about 20-30 years of my life? What lies in my future lies in my hands and I do not want to take a wrong step. Every step is critical.

Was choosing my elective for year 3 sometime ago. Choose Financial Planning. Hope I will not regret choosing that. I really hate this kind of feeling. Pray hard that I will go for my attachment at the end of my year 3. I prefer to study all the way then go for attachment.
In the twinkling of an eye, common tests are around the corner, so is New Year followed by Chinese New Year. Definitely have to study doubly hard this semester, but where is my motivation and determination??? Still slacking like nobody’s business. Haiz… Really don’t want to be killed by any of the modules. HELP!!!~

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just a quick update... New school semester start for 2 weeks already. I can presume that this semester will be very busy as I have to do projects for all the modules other than Audit 1. That means I got 5 projects to do. Poly is definitely more about projects. Used to it already.

Other than studying, I am now trying to find time for my driving. I do not want to pay another $42 to have my membership renewed. It is really a waste of money. Provided I pass it on my first attempt, if not, I will be throwing another amount of money into the drain just to go back for more practical lessons.

My Wednesday original timetable ends on 1pm. But now because Audit tutorial is being shifted to Wednesday, my lessons end at 5. Argh... Deprived me of going for my driving lessons. Haiz... The worse thing is I have 4 hours break on Thursay. Oh My God. So now I have 3 long days. Hope my tutor changes it back as soon as possible.

Really fell in love with this cow cow. Its so cute... Saw this cow cow at Pure Milk when Sherline and I went shopping. But too bad it is not for sale. The sales girl told us that a guy wanted to use the cow cow to propose to his girlfriend and hence bought it at a super high price- $150. Wah...! He really willing to spend... He must be deeply in love with his girlfriend. Haha... Anyway, the sales girl added that they are now manufacturing more of the cow cow for sale. Hehe... Gonna get my hands on 1 of it when it comes out.

Saw this Swatch necklace... Very nice... Because its stars... -chuckles- Moreover, the colour combi is very sweet. But it cost $100+ and it cannot be worn as an everyday accessory.

Really couldn't resist myself from buying the latest Guess Fragrance. It is so sweet and smells quite refreshing... Do not really know how to describe the fragrance. But the main point is- It is soooo nice...! A totally different fragrance from my Lancome- Miracle. Was really contemplating for a super long time before I decided to buy that perfume. Even my sis says its nice. Haha...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com *~ Very cute right...! ~*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com *~ The Swatch necklace~*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com *~ Guess Fragrance~*

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My previous post was lost in cyberspace so I was quite tired to retype my whole post. Now I am cleverer, I type my posts in Word document and merely paste the whole chunk in blogger. This way, my post will not be lost again and I have a backup too! Heez...

Its been a long since I last posted an entry here. Will roughly summarise what I have done for the past month.

The month of September was not very good but yet not too bad. Quite unlucky as I met 2 perverts in just 1 week. Argh! What rotten luck! One of them was stalking me when I was shopping with Sherline at Bugis. All thanks to Sherline that I managed to get away. Another pervert was worse. He touched my butt... Argh! And I just shouted "Ooi" and he hurried walk off. Told Sherline this and another girl beside us was laughing. What's so funny to be touched on the butt?

Been working hard for the holidays as a temp finance asst. Gained a lot of experience about my line. Most people say that accountants have got no life and I must really agree with them. My colleagues are always working overtime almost everyday till around 10pm. Yes! Its 10pm... Imagine slogging till 10pm and by the time you reach home, wash up and sleep for about 5 or 6 hours, you have to wake up and go for work again. Really no life... Guess their motivation might be the attractive high salary... *Shrugs shoulder*

Though my results slipped as compare to last semester. But I really heaved a big sigh of relief upon receiving my results and I can say I can ask for no better results given the amount of effort I’ve put in. But I will definitely try my utmost best to strive for better results for the new semester. Received an email from my last semester advisor. He advise me to join CCA and also encourage me to do better. It is really thoughtful of him.

Had a class chalet at Downtown East from 19 Sept-21 Sept. But on the 1st night, I did not stay overnight as my parents don't allow. Went swimming with my clique and the guys. Did not really exercise for more than 1 year since my operation last year. Really lost my stamina. Must try to start exercising, if not I am really growing fatter judging for the amount of food I eat since I start working and the number of meals I eat per day. OMG! VERY worried that I will gain weight partly is because I am quite conscientious of my looks. Must admit that I am quite a narcissistic person. Geez...

Went Cosy Bay with Sherline sometime ago. Was really relaxing. Love the environment there. Love the pan-fried dory fish with mushroom I ate that night... The thought of it makes me want to drool. Sherline's Rosemary chicken is nice too. Not only the food is delicious, the price is definitely affordable and the ambience is fabulous too! Definitely a great place to relax after working hard for 5 consecutive days. Will try to go there more often but transport wise, it is not so convenient. It is also a wonderful place to go with your loved ones... All thanks to Lawrence for bringing me there sometime ago.

Was busy working then suddenly received and unexpected message from ***. He requested to meet up on that very day. I was really tired after knocking off from work plus I was doing OT. Told him indirectly that I don't want to meet, but he insisted on meeting. He mentioned that he was feeling very down, reluctantly I met up with him. Was quite shocked when he told me he fractured his fingers while having training. Hope his fingers can recover soon. Was quite worried about certain things he did, questions he ask and comments about me. Though his comments are good, but I am still quite worried. Hmm... Maybe I am just being oversensitive.

Saw Lawrence on my way to work one day. When he saw me, he gave me the look whereby I look very familiar but cant recall who am I. After I smiled at him and continue walking, he called me and asked whether was I the one he saw and he mentioned I look very different as compared to the time I was working at Singtel. -_-" Haha... Maybe I grown fatter that's why he cant recognize me.

I am now a step closer to my iPod Video. -chuckles. Daddy agreed to pay half and I pay the remaining. Waiting for my new pay to come in so that I can get my iPod and also see that shuai ge at Apple shop. Haha...

Celebrated Mummy's birthday last Friday. The food at Fortunate Restaurant was fabulous... Yummy!

First day of school was not so bad. Our IS tutor is quite nice. Will try to finish this project as good and fast as we can so that we can concentrate on our core modules. I must really pull up my socks to score better and not let my results deteriorate further.

Shan’t continue further... Time for pics! Haha...

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*___Cosy Bay!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*___ I still prefer my Dory Fish... Yum Yum~

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*___ Sherline's Rosemary Chicken...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*___ Our heads again... keke...

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oh No! My exams officially start on this coming Friday but I haven start on my revision! Haiz.... I am really getting from slack to slacker. Moreover, I have 5 examinational modules and now, I am so lazy... Oh My God! I better pull up my socks this instance...

I even went shopping with my family yesterday. Bought 3 cds... One of them is the music cd- Super Best of Drama Moods advertised on TV just a few days ago. It is very nice... If you enjoy listening to music, this is a great cd to buy. Moreover, there's 3 disc for the price of 1! Haha... Now, I found a great place to buy cds... One of the cd shop at Chinatown. I bought this cd, Lin Jun Jie's and Liang Yong Qi's cds too... And guess what, all this total to only $25.40. JJ's cd was only $4.50 and Gigi's only $5. And the discs are not pirated for there's this code to test for pirated albums on the cover of the album itself. Heez...

Went for Cost extra tutorial on Tuesday. It was really a great day. Presented Mrs Ang with our class tee shirt and the video featuring our class gratitude and love for her. She will always be remembered by each and everyone of us. Our main objective was to make her shed tears, and she did! I was also crying but don't dare to let the others see it... The video was well filmed. Everything was just right. The music, the introduction, the animation and etc... Thanks Mark for such a fabulous job done. -claps-

After lesson, all of us went for Pizza Hut with Mrs Ang. She drove the 7 girls to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Heez... Free ride... Was so touched that she actually went to change into our class tee and it fits her just right. =) Talk a lot over lunch and we even took pictures together... That will be a fond memory to keep for all of us.

Really looking forward to our class chalet where we will be asking a few of our tutors along including Mrs Ang and she'll bring her 2 sons along. Heez... So excited. I want to play with her sons... Oops... Should not be having holidays mood but I just cant help it...

Kelvin was crowned the 1st Superstar at the grand finals at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 1st Sept. Was quite shocked with the results. Expected Kelly to be the ultimate winner, but she wasn't. But at least she got herself a contract with Universal Music. I think it is better than Play Music which sounds so kiddish. Haha... Still wondering Kelvin won is it because of sympathy votes, people admire his courage and not for his singing? I can say that his singing is a bit not so modern, but certain songs do touch people's hearts. Daddy was saying he has got alot of aunty supporters. Haha... Perhaps his singing just appeals more to that age group.

I really admire those who dare to take this step to take part in Superstar in order to fulfil their dreams. Some of their singing is really erm.... but at least, they dare to go for auditions, unlike me, scaredy cat... My singing also cannot make it. So forget it... Haha...

I had better shoo off and try to get into the study mood. Bye...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*____The picture taken with Mrs Ang at Pizza Hut. Noticed all of us are in black? That's our class te... =)

11:01 PM

Monday, August 29, 2005

Been so busy these days that I totally neglected my blog. Had my very last project presentation today. Was rushing to complete the ppt slides this morning... Started around 11pm last night and I did all the way till morning 6am!

Was already half-way through the slides a couple of days ago and we received an email from my module tutor that every group is supposed to touch on Office/Interview attire. So I choose interview attire on behalf of the group. Went to the library with Reeney, Michelle and Wanling to borrow relevant books for research and I spend time flipping and reading through to see what should be included in our presentation. Was really pissed and stressed as I was doing the ppt slides all by my own. The slides totalled up to about 50. At least Reeney did help out with the research of some pictures. But what did the others contribute? I guess its useless to crack my brains to think of an answer, because, there isn't any...

I reminded him again and again to send me the pictures, but its been taking far too long and he only took the pics this morning when our presentation is in the afternoon! How efficient! Asking them to try clothes and take pics is so difficult. I simply cant comprehen them. Never will I do project with them anymore... Over my dead body~

Presentation was today. As usual, our group were the last to present. Before the start of everyone's presentation, our tutor told us our grades for the week before's presentation. Was so SHOCKED and PISSED that I got a C!!! Just because the part of presentation I covered has got not much coverage. Shit her man... The other guy in my group got A! Wat the hell! Where is fairness and justice? Everything was done by me and all they have to do was stand in front on the laptop screen and start crapping away. That instance when I got to know my grade, I nearly burst into tears. C grade is what I am trying so hard to avoid after first semester and now, its back! Hate it Hate it Hate it Hate it! Been pinning for an A for this module since I got A for all my previous assessments. But now, my hopes are all dashed. *Haiz....*

I should say that our Business Law presentation is the most successful one. Our efforts really paid off. Tutor got nothing to bombard us, classmates laughing, and we, enjoying our skit up there. *Cheers*

FIT presentation was quite erm... strange... We are supposed to have a Q&A session after the whole presentation. But instead of asking us questions and wait for our answers, he answered those questions. Haha... *phew* Hopefully, it will turn out well too...

Celebrated Reeney's birthday in advance last Thursday. Gave her a surprise. Heez... Shared and bought for her a wallet which I find it really nice. Hope she likes it and enjoy herself that day.

Anyway, exams are 10 days away. Counting down... I must really be disciplined to focus, concentrate and do my best for this semester as I am really too slack. Hate myself for that. Hope the situation can still be salvaged. *Jia You all my friends~*

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*_____Love this tube dress. But I don't wear tube dress. Haha...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*_____ Hmm...

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